Kewanee Boiler Handhole Plate Assemblies

Kewanee Handhole Assemblies (Less Ring)

Kewanee Boilers used a variety of handhole plates that can be found on both Scotch Marine and Fire Box Type Boilers.

Scotch Marine
Scotch Marine Kewanee Boilers typically used both 3 x 4 and 3 ½ x 4 ½ Elliptical Handhole Plates, both curved and flat. Horse power or inside dimensions of the boilers shell determines the radius of the curved handhole plate.

Fire Box Boilers
Kewanee Firebox Boilers use flat handhole plates, typically made of cast iron.

Description has the solution for your handhole and manhole plate needs. Many of the popular sizes are listed below, but if you do not see the size you need, call us and we can get it!

We carry both clip and stud style plates, which come with a neoprene handhole gasket with every plate. Stainless steel plates are available too!

All handhole and manhole plates listed are flat coded plates with the exception of the 11 x 15 which also has a non-coded version. Non-Code manhole assemblies have been proof tested to 600 PSI. These lightweight, single bolt and crab manholes have been designed for use in Non-Code vessels of low pressure, requiring frequent inspection and/or cleaning. Pressures should not exceed 15 PSI working pressure.