White Max Manhole Gaskets (Sold Individually)


White Max Boiler Gaskets Pure PTFE, FDA compliant

Description: (All gaskets are 1/8″ thick)

Lead Time:Most sizes IN STOCK. 2-3 day lead time on others.

• High adaptability, suitable for flanges with corrosion and with uneven sealing surface
• Pressure test and service with the same gasket
• Very easy installation and removal
• Anti-sticking material, low effort for surfacecleaning when installing a new gasket
• No embrittlement of the gasket in storageor in service
• Pure PTFE, conforms to FDA standards
• Clean Steam Applications

WHITE-MAX® gaskets are especially designed for inspection ports of boilers and tanks. They provide reliable sealability with this low stress and exceptional dimension stability. This form of gasketing is processed by expanding 100% pure polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The result is a bidirectional, soft, highly compressible gasket for longer life and trouble-free sealing. Its form-in-place versatility is perfect for sealing boiler plates that are worn, warped or scored. The high compressibility of the WHITE-MAX® gasket enables it to effectively fill flange imperfections for a tight, leak-free seal. Unlike conventional PTFE which is prone to cold flow WHITE-MAX® has good creep resistance and bolt torque retention properties. It does not support bacterial growth or cause product contamination and is FDA compliant. It has virtually no shelf-life concerns since PTFE is unaffected by normal environmental conditions.