E-Pro Elliptical -“E”


E-Pro Handhole and Manhole boiler gaskets stop leaks and end corrosion around boiler handholes and boiler manholes in steam and hot water boiler, air tanks, and water heaters.


Dimension Measurements = A x B x C/
Handhole = HH
Manhole = MH


The cost of some boiler gaskets can be quite high when you consider down-time, leakage and corrosion caused be the installation of inferior gaskets. E-Pro gaskets offer the level of service you expect from high pressure, high temperature handhole and manhole gaskets.

E-Pro gaskets highly rated material ensures that our gaskets will provide leak-proof, continuous operation until your next scheduled shut-down. Proprietary elastomer is rated to 380 degrees (F) wet heat and 180 psi.

***Ratings are based upon actual field performance. Since installation and boiler maintenance is beyond our control, we cannot guarantee results***