Topog-E® gaskets are produced to fit all boilers that are in production today. These molded rubber Handhole & Manhole gaskets are quick and easy to install. Topog-e® gaskets conform to the mating surfaces and require no addition material. Additionally, they are easy to remove when servicing and peel away cleanly. Using Topog-e® gaskets reduces boiler down-time by avoiding seepage and corrosion which ultimately prolongs boiler life.

    Topog-e® Series 180 gaskets services steam pressure vessels up to 180 psi (12 bar) and 380° F (193° C). E-Pro gaskets are equally produced to fit all boilers as well. These gaskets are die cut form a special High Temp EPDM material to with stand up to 185 psi @ 385° F. These Gaskets are available in both “E” Elliptical as well as “OB” Obround.