Spiral Wound Gaskets

    The SPIRAL-MAX Gasket offers a cost-effective solution that has the ability to withstand high temperature and pressure fluctuations. 3 plies of metal and filler in the spiral create a barrier that reduces the possibility of leaks. Designed to achieve an effective seal under the most demanding operating conditions, the Spiral-Max profile is engineered to provide recovery in applications where the load on the gasket may vary due to major temperature fluctuations.

    While there is not a published standard for the construction of hand-hole and manhole spiral wound gaskets, the industry often categorizes them into pressure ratings 0-999 PSI and greater than 1,000 PSI. The difference between these two designations is the thickness of the sealing composite. A thicker sealing composite results in a lower content of containment strip. Inversely, a thinner sealing composite allows for an increased content of containment strip. The higher the alloy content, the more pressure the gasket can withstand.