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Fiberfrax® refractory fiber caulk 2300° F can be used in patching and insulating hot cracks, joints, seams in high temperature furnaces and kilns and Boiler doors. Green Patch Refractory Mortar is a 3200° F wet, air-setting, and thick patching mortar that can be fired-in faster than the usual high alumina mortars. Boiler Supplies Boiler Patch F is a 3000° F refractory paste that is super duty, fine grained, and air-setting. This Boiler Patch F exhibits a thorough bonding strength and low shrinkage in response to its chemical composition as well as low moisture content. Boiler Supplies Milcote 3000 Wet Refractory Mortar is a wet, super duty, and air-setting mortar that services a temperature limit of 3000° F. This product provides excellent bonding strength which can be used with high as well as super duty fireclay brick and insulating brick.