Green Patch 421 Refractory Mortar (15 LB PAIL)

Green Patch 421 Refractory Mortar (15 LB PAIL)

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Green Patch 421 Refractory Mortar is a 3200°F, wet, air-setting, thick patching mortar. It can be used as a patching material, a coating, and for bonding bricks such as EMPIRE S, CLIPPER DP, KX-99, KX-99-BF, and KRUZITE-70. It can be fired in faster than regular high alumina mortars.

High-Quality Refractory Mortar: Green Patch 421 Refractory Mortar is a premium-grade mortar specifically formulated for use in high-temperature applications, ensuring superior performance and durability.
Exceptional Bonding Strength: Engineered with advanced bonding agents, this mortar provides excellent adhesion to refractory materials, creating a strong and reliable bond that withstands thermal cycling and vibration.
Heat Resistance: Withstands extreme temperatures up to [insert temperature range], making it ideal for use in furnaces, kilns, boilers, and other high-heat industrial applications.
Easy Application: Featuring a smooth consistency, Green Patch 421 Refractory Mortar is easy to apply and shape, allowing for precise installation and minimal wastage.
Versatile Use: Suitable for bonding and repairing a wide range of refractory materials, including fire bricks, ceramic fiber modules, and castable refractories, offering versatility for various industrial and commercial applications.

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