Topog-e Elliptical -"E" Gaskets

Topog-e Elliptical -"E" Gaskets

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Dimension Measurements = A x B x C

Handhole = HH

Manhole = MH

Usage: Topog-e Series 180 gaskets are quick and easy to install. They conform to the mating surfaces and need no adhesive or additional material. When servicing, they are simple to remove, and peel away easily and cleanly.
Cost: Using Topog-e Series 180 gaskets can prolong boiler life, avoiding seepage and corrosion, and reduces boiler down-time. 
Formulation: Topog-e Series 180 gaskets are made from a proprietary compound which has earned worldwide respect for its performance. They are molded, not die-cut, for optimum fit and performance, and they are available in a broad range of sizes to meet your exact needs.
Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of industrial equipment featuring elliptical manhole and handhole openings, Topog-E Series 180 Elliptical Gaskets offer versatility for various applications.

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